Cooking Classes

Give the ideal gift for the foodies in your life with a course experience they will never forget with a Cooking School certificate at one of our many internationally themed culinary cooking schools. Try pasta making with our Italian classes, slice sushi like a pro with our Japanese courses, and be king of the BBQ with the BBQ school experience. Everybody loves to cook, making it a gift suitable for Father's Day, parents, couples, or even a new style of team building.
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Enjoy a cooking class and dining experience that takes you on a journey to discover the rhythm of the kitchen. You and a group of friends build your confidence in the kitchen in a fun, friendly environment, while making and enjoying your own gourmet feast. Have your cooking class when it suits you! Simply organise a group of up to 12 friends and you're ready to go. On the day, as soon as you arrive at the venue the fun begins. Walk into a stunning penthouse apartment with gorgeous city views, grab an apron, and get ready for a fun culinary journey with your friends.