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Please note, de Groots Media and the de Groots Best Gift Certificates system have been acquired by Best Content Pty Limited (ABN 23 000 554 254).  All references on this page to "de Groots Media " and "de Groots Best Gift Certificates" should be read as references to Best Content Pty Limited (ABN 23 000 554 254). 


de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ ( is operated by de Groots Media.

Having published restaurant and hospitality information throughout Australia since the early 1990s, de Groots Media is a team of dedicated professionals with many years experience in the travel and hospitality industry. We have published restaurant and hospitality information throughout Australia for over ten years. Managing Director Maureen de Groot began her career in hotel management and is a respected food editor.

In 1999, de Groots Media developed Australia's first online Gift Certificate system, Perfect Gift Certificates which was later redesigned as Best Gift Certificates. Over the years, Best Gift Certificates has grown into a respectable brand among restaurants and companies throughout Australia, providing customers with memorable dining and lifestyle experiences.  We promote to the birthday, tourism and wedding market especially but find that just about anyone can find a suitable gift for just about any occasion on our website. We also promote heavily to the corporate market, providing special services to our clients with discounts and bulk orders available. For further details, please visit our Corporate page.