Please note, we no longer sell new gift certificates from this site.
Redeem existing account credits and our Universal Gift Certificates using this site.
Explore our new range of gift cards and experiences at Best Restaurants, Best Wellness, Best Wineries.


Please note, de Groots Media and the de Groots Best Gift Certificates system have been acquired by Best Content Pty Limited (ABN 23 000 554 254).  All references on this page to "de Groots Media " and "de Groots Best Gift Certificates" should be read as references to Best Content Pty Limited (ABN 23 000 554 254), and all queries directed to


How do I buy gift certificates from this site?

We no longer sell new gift certificates from this site.  This site remains operational only to allow holders of existing valid account credits or Universal Gift Certificates to make use of those credits and certificates, see redeem your gift card in 4 simple steps.


Who are de Groots Best Gift Certificates™?

To find out more about us please visit our About Page for more information.

What types of gift certificates does de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ sell?

There are three types of gift certificates for sale on

de Groots sell three types of gift certificates:
1. Universal Gift Certificates
2. Restaurant gift certificates
3. Experience gift certificates

What is a Universal Gift Certificate?

If you are unsure what present to give then Universal Gift Certificates are the perfect answer for you. It allows the person you send the certificate to choose from one or more of our many experiences available on de Groots Best Gift Certificates™.

Simply choose a value from $25 to $500 and the delivery method, write your personal message, then select a payment option on our secure gateway and the Universal Gift Certificate is sent immediately by email.

Your gift is immediately received by the recipient and then they can visit choose the experience they wish to have and pay for it using their Universal Gift Certificate. If they decide not to use the entire amount, they can return at a later date and use the remaining balance. If they do not have enough credit for a particular experience they can conveniently pay the difference instantly online via our secure gateway.

What is an Experience Gift Certificate?

An Experience Gift Certificate is for a specific experience at one of our many vendors. They have a fixed price and can only be redeemed at the specified vendor for the experience printed on the certificate
For example; A Scenic Sydney Harbour helicopter flight, including dinner and hotel transfers for $579 per person

What are Restaurant Gift Certificates?

Restaurant Gift Certificates are purchased for a specific restaurant on and have a set dollar value. They can only be redeemed at the specified vendor whose name is printed on the certificate.
For example; $500 Gift Certificate to Aria Restaurant.

How long are Gift Certificates Valid for?

All de Groots gift certificates are valid for 36 months from date of issue. Once they expire they can no longer be used. 

How do I contact the vendor and make a reservation?

Each Restaurant or Experience Gift Certificate has the vendors address and contact details printed on it. It is condition of use that you make a reservation with the vendor beforehand and inform them you will be using a gift certificate

How do I purchase a de Groots Gift Certificate™?

When you decide which restaurant or experience you would like to send you then choose the Gift Certificate for that product. You add it to the basket, choose a delivery method and type in the recipient’s details. You will then be asked for your credit card information. Once approved, our system then delivers the gift certificate for you via your requested delivery method.

Can I purchase more than one de Groots Gift Certificate™ at a time?

Yes - the site allows you to purchase ten gift certificates at one time. If you require more than ten gift certificates then, contact us.

Can I purchase a de Groots Gift Certificate™ in a foreign currency?

Yes - when you pay with a credit card, the bank automatically exchanges the currency into Australian Dollars, but your billing will still be in your home currency.

What Credit Cards does de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ take?

We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and American Express via our secure gateway.

Why your credit card is safe with us?

Firstly we do not receive credit card data – it is sent straight to the National Australia Bank which deals directly with your card issuer and then we are informed by them the card has been accepted. We never hold credit card data on our computers.
For more information go to: Click here for our Security Policy

How long does to take to send a de Groots Gift Certificate™?

Your gift certificate and message, if emailed, is sent at once. Most emails reach their address within one to ten minutes – although this may take longer at very congested periods. All posted certificates are sent the next business day unless we are instructed otherwise.

Can I send the Gift Certificate to myself?

Yes - just choose Email to Sender and you will receive the voucher within 2-10 minutes. You can then print it out and give it to someone as a present. Please check your junk mail for certificates as spam filters occasionally block these emails.

Can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes – you will receive an automatic emailed receipt for your purchases. This is delivered to your email address after purchase.

How do I open a PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to view PDF files and is available from

I have a Best Gift Certificates promotional code, how do I use it?

If you have been given or have obtained a promotional code for use on the de Groots Best Gift Certificates website, simply choose the gift certificates/experiences that you wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout. During the last step, you will be prompted with the payment screen which has a textbox where you can enter the code for a fixed or percentage discount depending on your code's terms and conditions. Redeem the code at this point and the discount will then apply.