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Best Gift Certificates

Terms & conditions for vendors & suppliers

This agreement is made between Best Connections Pty Ltd, ABN 42 093 117 554 and the merchant/supplier which applies to accept Best Gift Certificates™.

Merchants using the de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ system acknowledge that the following conditions of use shall apply and they agree that by signing the Best Gift Certificate agreement, they are bound by the following terms and conditions.


All information, text, graphics, photographs and other material displayed on are protected by copyright. Copyright © 1996-2017 is held by De Groots Services Pty Limited trading as de Groots Best Gift Certificates™. The names; de Groots Media™, Perfect Gift Certificates™ and de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ are proprietary product names. Reproduction or distribution without written permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.

1. No partnership

Merchants signing the de Groots Best Gift Certificates™. application form acknowledge that this form does not create any partnership, joint venture or undertaking or any like relationship. Best Gift Certificates acts solely as the agent for the merchant’s services.


2. Payment of agents’ commission

Best Gift Certificates pays all redeemed certificates each week. Payments are made directly to the merchant’s bank account and our commission/ agent’s fee + GST is deducted. However, an invoice is emailed before settlement showing the GST and the amount to be credited to the merchants’ bank account. The GST is a credit and can be offset against any GST funds collected by the merchant.

Merchants should advise our office immediately of any changes to their banking details to avoid funds being sent to an incorrect bank account.


3. Correct descriptions

Suppliers must take all reasonable care in descriptions of their products, photographs and services. No claim should be made which cannot be demonstrated to certificate holders on their arrival.

Any changes in your product or service including photographs, should be sent to: or sent online through the vendor login on our website. Please allow one week for changes to be made.

4. Redemption of certificates

Suppliers may redeem Best Gift Certificates™ online at or by mail or send by facsimile on (02) 9211 4988 or email to, a signed-off copy of any certificate sent for redemption. A certificate number will only be redeemed once by de Groots Best Gift Certificates™.

Payments in advance to suppliers should be honoured, even if the price has changed. Any variation to the supply should be resolved with the certificate holder.

At all times, De Groots Services Pty Limited acts as an agent for the merchant/supplier. Any outstanding matters should first be resolved with the certificate-holder.

5. Any increase in price or change of product

If you change your price and a certificate-holder presents a certificate for a previous price-point or different product that you have shown on Best Gift Certificates™, then you may choose to accept or refuse to accept the certificate. If you refuse, we will refund the certificate-holder’s money. However, this is very disappointing for the person trying to book at your business and we suggest you might wish to accept the certificate as an act of goodwill.

6. Sale of your business
If you sell your business, please inform us of the settlement date and the contact details for the new owner. This will allow us to have a smooth change-over, but more importantly will prevent making payments to the wrong bank account.

7. Lawful purpose

Suppliers agree to use only for lawful purposes. Users are prohibited from posting on or transmitting any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including but not limited to any material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law whatsoever.

8. Sole arbiter

de Groots Best Gift Certificates™ reserves the right to discontinue the supply of any product and this shall be at its sole discretion.

9. Agreement made in NSW
This agreement is made in the state of New South Wales. All matters are subject to the laws of New South Wales.



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